sonificator make every Web Pages to Music. Experience sound and visual of the structure of DOM and Webpages.


This Software is Beta version! I experienced Fatal Browser Crash frequently between testing. Before try this, save all data you're working on the browser (include other tabs/windows)!

このソフトウェアはベータ版です 少なくない頻度でブラウザの致命的なクラッシュが発生する可能性があります。(他のタブやウィンドウを含めた)すべての作業中のデータを保存してからお試しください。

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data.[1] Due to the specifics of auditory perception , such as temporal and pressure resolution, it forms an interesting alternative or complement to visualization techniques, gaining importance in various disciplines. It has been well established for a long time already as Auditory display in situations that require a constant awareness of some information (e.g. vital body functions during an operation). Sonification as a method for exploration of data and scientific modeling is a current and ongoing research desideratum.

Sonification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This program sonificator build music from the DOM structure with simple rule. sounds are designed good to listen like ambient or experimental erectoronic music. sonificator also provides a visual highlight animation synchronized to the sound on the page. This may help you know which sound events are come from which element on the page.

sonificatorは、単純なルールに基づいてDOM の構造から音楽を生成します。 同時に、sonificator はウェブページに、音楽に同期したハイライトのアニメーションも追加します。音楽上の各音素が、どのDOM要素に関連付けられているかを確認できます。



  1. Save the button on left as bookmark. When using Google Chrome, Drag that button to the Bookmark Bar.
  2. Go to webpage you like
  3. then, just run the bookmarklet
  1. 左のボタンをブラウザのブックマークに追加します。Google Chromeでは、リンクをドラッグしてブックマークバーにドロップすることで追加できます。
  2. 好きなウェブページに移動します。
  3. ブックマークをクリックすることで、音楽とアニメーションが開始します。

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use these shortcuts to conrol sound playing

(Space bar)

Toggle playing

Toggle play and pause of sound




Rewind the playing position to the beginning of the page.



Rewind the playing point a bit (8 events)



Forward the playing point a bit (8 events)


Shift +


Rewind the playing point 64 events


Shift +


Forward the playing point 64 events


Tempo up

Up the BPM


Tempo down

Down the BPM



Toggle change key

sonificator do musical key change when h1 and h2 was found. you can toggle this behavior on and off.

sonificator は再生中にh1タグとh2タグを見つけたときに音楽的な転調を行います。このショートカットは転調機能のオン/オフを切り替えます。

System requirements

Can I play this program?

Web browser that supports Web Audio API

sonificator is using Web Audio API to playback sounds. Currently, Latest Google Chrome is the only one that supports Web Audio API.

sonificator はオーディオの再生に Web Audio API を使用します。現在のところ、Google Chrome が唯一の選択肢です。

System check

Test your browser supports Web Audio API

お使いのブラウザが Web Audio API をサポートしているかをテストします


  • Supported
  • Not Supported
What kind of webpages is good for listen?
I think, some kind of website that have freaquently patterned blocks in main content, is good for listening via sonificator. For example, Main index page that was published by well designed Blog Software like Movable Type or TypePad ;-)
丁寧にデザインされたパターンの繰り返しを持つページは、sonificatorによる音楽化に向いています。例えばMovable TypeTypePadのようなブログプラットフォームの出力するメインインデックスページは、良い音楽になるでしょう ;-)

This is list of the sites I found that sonificator can play nice. enjoy!